Your own tiny illustrations

can't get more unique and personal than this!

If you love hand drawn icons and you would like me to create some custom made icons for you just write a few lines in the form below.

Make sure to read more about how hand drawn icons are created and what you can expect from our work together.

“We found Agata’s charming illustration universe by coincidence – and it was just what we needed! A unique, playful and simple stroke with the perfect mix of naivety and professionalism”.

Julie Selch Larsen
Project Manager | e-types Daily

Let’s create something awesome!

Let's Work Together

Please make sure you write about:

  1. Where you want those icons to be displayed?
  2. What’s your goal?
  3. What is the purpose of the icons?
  4. Why did you decided on hand drawn icons?
  5. How did you find me?

Thanks for the time you took to read about my process!

Have a great day!

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