Custom Hand Drawn Icons

Here’s how I work and what exactly I can do for you.

Design process

The most important value of Good Stuff No Nonsense brand is high quality and attention to detail. The fact that something is „hand drawn” doesn’t mean that it should look sloppy or poorly made.

I put a lot of effort to make sure that I will deliver the best possible product. It’s literary good stuff and no nonsense.

So how this works? – Let’s start from the beginning.

Your Goal

First I need to know more about your product or business, and for what do you need those icons.

Where they will be displayed and what purpose should they serve. Write everything that will help me understand your goals in the email.


Then we talk about details. I’ll ask more questions regarding the project if necessary. We will also agree on the schedule and payment.

Keep in mind that I will need your company information for the invoice. For assignments under $500 I require payment upfront.


After we deal with formalities, we will talk about what can be done.

This discovery part will help me understand what you need.

We will talk about your goals and what’s the best way to achieve them.


I start sketching some ideas until I find the one that works best.

I explore it, polish it and send you the final sketch. If all goals are met and you are satisfied with the result, I progress to the next stage of the design.


I trace the icons on tracing paper using two different thickness pigment liners.

Using two lines with different thicknesses make icons interesting and visually well balanced.


The last stage is digitizing the icons. I scan the ink version and trace them in Adobe Illustrator by hand, using Illustrator’s pen tool.

This approach guaranties icon high quality and uniqueness. If we agreed on colored icons, this will also be the time when I work on color.


After all invoices are paid. I will send you the icons in ZIP package. You will receive AI, EPS, PDF files with vector icons, as well as icons saved separately in PNG (in the dimensions we previously agreed) and SVG files .

Agata was an absolute pleasure to work with. The quality of her work is exceptional, but in addition to that, she took the time to really learn about the project, provided quick and timely communication, and was very receptive to feedback. I will certainly contact her for any future design needs, and would highly recommend her.

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Case Studies

Small job

$80 / per icon

Up to 3 icons

Medium package

$50 / per icon

Up to 12 icons

Hire Me

Icon Set

$35 / per icon

More than 12 icons

Icons are not logos

One thing to keep in mind. Icons are not logos. Logo design is much more complex and different. I do my best to deliver the best solution for you and you can trust me on this: hand drawn icons in the form that’s used on this page and in my icon sets won’t work well as a logo.

The best example is my very own logo here on this site. It was designed to look like hand drawn, but it’s not a hand drawn icon. And if I don’t use my own icons in my own logo – you shouldn’t either.

Let's Work Together

If you love hand drawn icons and you would like me to create some custom made icons for you, just write a few lines in the contact form.

Please make sure you write about:

  1. Where you want those icons to be displayed?
  2. What’s your goal?
  3. What is the purpose of the icons?
  4. Why did you decided on hand drawn icons?
  5. How did you find me?

Thanks for the time you took to read about my process!

Have a great day!

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