Tiny illustrations that instantly turn your designs cute!


They're called "hand drawn" for a reason!


Interesting and funny tiny addition to your designs!

Hand Drawn Sports Icons

NEW! Sports Icons

Are you fit and ready for the bikini season but stuck in front of the screen? Safe yourself some time and use those sweet little icons for your designs. And then, go out and have fun! It’s summer! 

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Back to school!

Make your designs insta-cute with hand drawn icons!


Hand crafted from start to finish.


Each icon starts its life with a pencil sketch on piece of paper. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. This is the time to try out different ideas, find the right look and connect to the roots of creating things.

It’s also excellent proof that you don’t need much to create something. Just a pencil, a piece of paper and little determination.


Inking icons on tracing paper helps to determine the appropriate thickness of the lines. Using lines with different thickness creates the appropriate hierarchy.

Thick elements make the basis of the icon, while thin lines are used for detail.

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Vectorisation process is as much important. And just like in previous steps it’s all done by hand. Yes It’s a lot of work, but doing it oldschool give full controll of how the icon looks in the end.

If there were belts for using Illustrator’s Pen Tool I would own the black one.

Custom Icons

If you are wondering if I’m available for some custom hand drawn icons work, the answer is Yes. I’ll be happy to help you with your project.

“We found Agata’s charming illustration universe by coincidence – and it was just what we needed! A unique, playful and simple stroke with the perfect mix of naivety and professionalism”.

Julie Selch Larsen
Project Manager | e-types Daily

Read more about my process and pricing. Find out if it’s something that you are looking for.

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